INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY Objective of Program:             To Sensitize, faculty and students towards the holistic benefits of yoga and connect them to the nature by practicing. Theme: “Yoga for Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” Date of Program: 21/06/2023 Venue: M.V.P. Samaj’s Institute of Nursing Education Adgaon, Nashik, Dr. V.P.M.C.H.R.C. Campus Adgaon, Nashik Organized by: Department of National Service… Read More

“World No Tobacco Day” On 31st  May 2023,  celebrated “World No Tobacco Day” (WNTD). This year’s theme is “Grow food, not tobacco”. The 2023 global campaign aims to raise awareness about alternative crop production and marketing opportunities for tobacco farmers and encourage them to grow sustainable, nutritious crops. It will also aim to expose the… Read More