The student nurses association of India (SNAI) is an affiliated association of the student nurses under the umbrella of TNAI. It was established in the year 1929. The main purpose behind the establishment was to uphold the dignity and to promote a team spirit among students with professional ethics.


  1. To help the student to uphold the dignity of the profession
  2. To promote team spirit among students
  3. To encourage students to gain positive attitude towards nursing profession
  4. To encourage students to develop leadership quality and communication skills for overall development

The unit executive committee manages SNA affairs, it comprises of;

  1. President- Mrs. Pournima Naik
  2. SNA Advisor- Ms. Sara Tomy
  3. SNA Co-Advisor- Ms. Nayana Shinde

SNA election was held on 14th Feb 2023. Following are the elected Office Bearers:

1 Mr. Yuvraj Raundal Vice President
2 Mr. Sagar Bhamare Secretary
3 Ms. Sayli Potdar Joint Secretary
4 Mr. Rushikesh Lahane Treasurer
5 Mr. Aditya Khaire Joint Treasurer
6 Mr. Piyush Sawant Cultural Secretary (Male)
7 Ms. Kiran Dangale Cultural Secretary (Female)
8 Mr. Sachin Jadhav Sports Secretary (Male)
9 Ms. Sakshi Kadbhane Sports Secretary (Female)