Blood Donation Camp

Title of Program: Human Value Development
Objective of Program:
To get an provision of safe and quality of blood and its components round a clock in an Emergency situation.
Date of Program: 12/05/2022
Venue: Fundamental of Nursing Lab
Organized by: Department of NSS
Program In-charge:Mr. Hemant P Dange
Name of Guest:Mrs. Archana Patil
Supporting staff member:Mr. Abhijit Mahale
Participants:All students and Staff of Nursing college
Vote of thanks by:Mr. Abhijit Mahale
Photograph available: Yes
Brief about the Program:
Blood is essential to help patients survive surgeries, cancer treatment, chronic illnesses, and traumatic injuries. This lifesaving care starts with one person making a generous donation. The need for blood is constant. But only about 3% of age-eligible people donate blood yearly. Nursing College. Blood Donation program was inaugurated by Chief Guest Mrs. Archana Patil, Blood Transfusion Officer, Dr. VPMCHRC, Nashik and Ms. Kumari Nutan, Principal M.V.P. Samaj’s Institute of Nursing Education, Adgaon, Nashik-03. Before starting with programe physical fitness for blood donation such as Hemoglobin level, weight and had any infectious disease recently has been screen out from donor and donor fitness has been checked for blood donation. Total 11 donor has donated blood (7 Males, 4 Females). After blood donation donor has been given refreshment to feel better. Vote of thanks is given by Mr. Abhijit Mahale.