SNA Election Report – (2023)

Title of Program: SNA Election

Date & Time of Program: 14/2/2023

Venue: Auditorium.

Organized By: SNA

Program In-charge: Ms. Sara Tomy and Ms. Nayana Shinde

Supporting staff member: All Teaching and Non- teaching Staff

Photographs  available: Yes

Brief about the Program (Activity/Event):

MVPS’ Institute of Nursing Education, Adgaon, Nashik conducted SNA Election for the year 2023-2024.The main objective of the election was formation of SNA bearers who will manage all the extracurricular activities for the students.The election was held on14th feb 2023. Principal ma’am issued a notice to file nomination for election, date was fixed for the election.

Ballot papers was printed confidentially. The student participants visited all the classrooms to request other students to vote in their favour.

For the same, an election date was declared by SNA advisor Ms. Sara Tomy.

Ballot papers was distributed among all the students, voting booth was prepared, and with proper marks on the suitable candidates name in the ballot paper they folded the papers and inserted it into the ballot box and election process carried out.

Principal ma’am along with all the teaching staff took the responsibility for counting the ballots. They collected the ballot papers from the voting box.

Votes were counted by all the teachers in presence of of students, nominees and Principal and Vice principal ma’am.

The results were declared soon after the counting. All the process was carried with full transparency.

The winners are as follows:








1 Mr. Yuvraj Raundal Vice President


2 Mr. Sagar Bhamare Secretary


3 Ms. Sayli Potdar Joint Secretary


4 Mr. Rushikesh Lahane Treasurer


5 Mr. Aditya Khaire Joint Treasurer


6 Mr. Piyush Sawant Cultural Secretary


7 Ms. Kiran Dangale Cultural Secretary


8 Mr. Sachin Jadhav Sports Secretary


9 Ms. Sakshi Kadbhane Sports Secretary