A Mixed Reality Workshop

Title of Program: A Mixed Reality Workshop
Objective of Program: MUHS plans to introduce real-time remote teaching and healthcare problem solving guidance through the mixed reality platform and its modules.
Date & Time of Program: 19th Sep2022 to 11th Nov2022 at 10.00 Am to 06:00 Pm. In morning and evening Session.
Venue: TTI Building, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.
Organized By: Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik.
Participants:First Year B.Sc. Nursing Students, along with Two Teachers ( Mr.Ganesh Chakor& Ms. Gauri Gosavi).
Photograph/ video available:Yes
Brief about the Program (Activity/Event):
Mixed Reality Workshop will be conducted from 19st Sep 2022 to 11th Nov 2022 byMaharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. Total 50 students from First Year B.Sc. Nursing and 02 Teachers (Mr.Ganeshchakor& Ms. Gauri Gosavi)participated in this workshop. Allparticipants were registered online for workshop.During this workshop the attendees were exposed to various modules of mixed reality platforms. The attendees got hands on experience with HoloLens 2 and its healthcare modules. It was a life changing experience to remember. The attendees got a hands on experience on partners software modules and also experienced the immersive teaching and learning.
At the end of Workshop students understood the anatomical concept and they have taken immersive learning experiences.